Microblading & Brow Sculpting

If you’re lacking in the eyebrow department and dream of having that signature Hollywood Red Carpet Look, 3D Brow Sculpting or Eyebrow Extensions may be your way to wake up with flawless brows. No matter how many creams or serums you apply, the simplest way to make your face look younger and perfectly symmetrical is to properly define your brows—and you might not be able to achieve that with just makeup.

The most rewarding experience for our clients is to see the realistic texture of the brow extensions and no longer have to pencil brows in every day just to feel normal.  If you’re comfortable sitting through the  sculpting or extension process and are tired of fussing with your brows, it may be worth it to invest in extensions rather than stocking up on brow products.

3D Brow Sculpting | Eyetopia Spa
3D Brow Sculpting | Eyetopia Spa

All Brow Services are Custom Designed To Each Client.  Services includes: (Threading, Waxing, Tweezing, Tinting, Sculpting, Brow Extensions) based on the individual’s need.

Eyetopia Signature Brow Sculpting

Elevate yourself above the norm.  Brow Shaping, Custom tint, perfected with brow dressing.

  • 20 mins.


Brow Color Fill-In with Highlighting The Brow Bone

  • $12

Natural 3D Brow

(75% Natural Brows / Extensions Added).  Excellent for filling in scars/gap and extending the natural brow.

  • 30 mins.


Glamour 3D Brow Sculpting

(50% Natural Brows / 50% Extensions Added).  Great for adding volume to eyebrows, correcting problem areas  or to add fullness over plucked brows or full tail to a brow.

  • 60 mins.


Dramatic 3D Brow Sculpting

Dramatic 3D Brow Sculpting ~ 90 mins $125   (25% Natural Brows / 75% Extensions Added).  Perfect for sparse, overly tweezed brows  or no brow hair that cause for major brow reconstruction.

  • 90 mins.